Monday, January 12, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I've enjoyed MckMama's blog for a while now, and love her "Not Me!" Mondays, where she describes things she most certainly did not do this week. I thought I would join in this week because there are several things that for sure did not happen to me!

First, I'll start off with something someone else for sure did not do...Jared absolutely did not let one of the wild barn cats into our house the other night while the kids were asleep! Nope, that would never happen here. And then that cat definitely did not hide under several pieces of furniture while we tried to trap him/her. I'm absolutely certain that Jared didn't say, "And that's how Jared got rabies!" right before the cat headed my way, and my response to that was not to squeal and back away from the cat, swatting at it and allowing it to crawl under yet another piece of furniture. Nope, not us. We've got it together here.

Well, that wasn't too bad.

You must also know that Jack most assuredly did not get his hands on a *childproof* lighter while I thought he was napping. And there is no way he got it to light for just long enough to leave TWO burn marks on the (vinyl) window shade in our bedroom. It's also not at all possible that this is genetically inherited from my side of the family, because my baby brother did not EVER take a lighter and hairspray and severely burn the mini-blinds in his room while we were living at home. Nope, not in my family. We are SOOOOO above things like that.

Even though Jack totally did not burn the blinds, if he had, I for sure, being the supermom that I most assuredly am, would not spank him and leave him in his room for the rest of the afternoon. And there's no way I would just totally ignore him because I was a little afraid of what I might do to him. Nope, not me. If anyone, hypothetically, had any suggestions for how they would deal with such a child, they could feel free to leave a comment about it. Not that I would need it, because none of this could ever happen in my house! And I did not tell the little mister that his daddy would deal with him when he got home. And I did not NOT tell his daddy what happened on the phone so he could have some time to prepare himself before he got home. And I most certainly am not hoping like crazy that Jared has some genius parenting trick up his sleeve to deal with this problem, because I do not have absolutely no idea what to do. Good thing, because that would be a tough situation! Whew! Glad it's NOT ME!!

See, that was totally not so bad!


Sarah said...

I love it!
I read/follow McMama's blog too; she's a hoot and her children are precious.

Wayne said...

Great not me monday, I cant belive he nearly burned down the blinds. I hope all is well

Annie said...

I am so glad that didn't happen, that would have been awful. Me personally, I don't know how you feel, but I have a friend....and my friend would tell you that freaking out over arson is probably ok. My friend would make him pay for new blinds. My friend has a four year old who has paid for lots of things. We, I mean my friend have all the kids who are old enough to want a toy,'earn' the money to buy them. Then once a month take them to a store and let them 'buy' a toy with their own money. When the four year old needs to replace a broken toy for a sibling or a vase he smashed in anger he has to use his money that he earned to buy it. It still happens, but it's a pretty painful long term consequence that he is working through.

Just so you know, that four year old did not get up in the middle of the night around Christmas time, take all of the lights and decorations off the Christmas tree, take them into the back yard and throw them over the back fence. Luckily his parents DID know better than to put presents under the tree.

Hannah said...

I am so glad you are NOT back to the blogging world!

Jeanne said...

Oh wow! I was definitely NOT at Melanie's house when this fiasco did NOT occur!!! I can't imagine having a son who loves fire. My youngest son, who will remain nameless, certainly NEVER did anything like that!

Loved Annie's suggestions that "her friend" used on her kids! :)