Friday, December 26, 2008

More Christmas!

Whew! As if we hadn't already been sufficiently blessed this Christmas, we got together with the Paschals and Folkers for our annual Christmas brunch. Yummy cheesy grits!
It's hard to believe how many kids we have now...from left to right:
Ethan F, Jack F, Noah S, Luke S, Jack S, Willow P, Maddy S
I don't have access to my older photos right now, but here are some shots from the last few Christmases to see how these kids have grown!

Here is little Willow (with Jack S) on New Years' 2006:
...and Maddy, Ethan and Noah (NY 2006)...not sure where Jack F was...
Oh, wait, here he is! He did this to himself...his name IS Jack! (He didn't stay here long, I promise!)
And here they are last Christmas, 2007.
We're so thankful for these "cousins", too!

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Jeanne said...

They ARE like family, aren't they?

I got teary when I saw that little picture of Jack E...He looks exactly the same, just a little version of himself now.