Thursday, December 25, 2008

Smalling Christmas 2008

As in previous years, we headed to Memaw's for Christmas breakfast, although this year we went to her new house. It was very bittersweet, since it's our first without Grandaddy. He was greatly missed by each of us, although I'm sure even more by Memaw than I can imagine. Memaw cooked us a yummy breakfast and then the kids (including us grownup kids!) dove into our presents. Somehow I only managed to take this lone picture while we were there. Hopefully I can scan some of Memaw's at some point. Here's my happyness, aka Noah, with Memaw's tree (post-presents).
And in keeping with tradition, we headed to Uncle Victor and Aunt Shirley's for lunch with their family. Again, it was difficult to not have Grandaddy there with his family, but it meant a lot to us to get to spend time with his (our) extended family there. We are so grateful that our kids have "cousins" (Jared's cousins' kids) that they enjoy seeing (although for some reason I have no pictures of them!).
Noah got a new Leapster from Memaw, so Jack inherited his old one. He was so excited to get to play it without having to ask Noah's permission!
Maddy loves to give bunny ears whenever she can. So proud of herself, and Noah has no idea :)
I'm not exactly sure why Jared changed Luke in the middle of the kitchen floor, but I'm not complaining because that's one less I had to change! And by the way, I love this floor. I had a cheaper version in our old house (the one I did myself while I was pregnant with Luke).
Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas! We are blessed beyond what we deserve!

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