Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at the White house

The Christmas festivities began with Christmas Eve at the White house (sorry, when you grew up with White as your last name, that never gets old). Mom fixes us the most delicious finger-foods and we snack the night away! This year we remembered to get photos in front of the tree FIRST before the kids got cranky.
Luke giving Aunt Maggie some baby-playing practice before Georgia Grace comes in April!
Isn't she the cutest soon-to-be mama ever? She is absolutely glowing! And so is David :) I can't wait to see them as parents...and for Maggie's sake, I hope the payback isn't too bad!
Me and my wooly man
My younguns
Luke opening his first Christmas present ever!
Of course, he played with the wrapping paper more than the present itself!Aunt Maggie practicing (not that she needs it!) with the larger version kid
Pip and Sarah...aren't you thankful they get to go to their own quiet house?! Enjoy it while you can!!
The Queen and King
"Putting their heads together" is usually not a good thing with these two!
Noah is excited about his Star Wars Clone Wars Leapster game!
Who put THIS on his Christmas list?! (Oh, it was me)

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Jeanne said...

This blog entry could easily have been named: "See what all I am thankful for, by Jeanne White"!!!

I am a blessed human being. Thank you, God...