Friday, December 12, 2008

Her last year in single digits

"What?! Seriously?! I'm like an old woman or something!" Yes, my baby Maa-maa is NINE! Actually, I think she was in disbelief over the cashola in her birthday card, but she did totally say that when I told her it was her last year in single digits.

Maddy posing with Memaw and the Hannah Montana jackpot
Maddy posing with her recently-returned-from-Honduras Dani and a Barbie princessThey all look like they're in varying degrees of pain. I guess it is that bad posing with your brothers. She only felt obligated because they'd just given her the "Fairies" book you see in her lap.
At least somebody's happy!!
Why are the pictures of them together always almost good? If not for 8 different minor things, it would be a great picture :)

Happy 9th Birthday, Madeline Jean! I love you, sweet girl!

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Jeanne said...

What a beautiful 9-year-old! I am so thankful i could be there for her birthday this year. Thank you, Shirley (Memaw) for having me! (Steve was sick)