Thursday, September 4, 2008

My prayer for today

I started "Living Beyond Yourself" by Beth Moore today FOR THE 3RD TIME(edited to add: I have not yet completed the study...the key here is that I have STARTED it 3 times now). God has already spoken to me on DAY ONE through this study in a new and fresh way (FOR THE 3RD TIME). In a worldly sense, this week is possibly the worst ever, with Gerald's funeral just behind us and the 2nd anniversary of Ruby's death looming before us. Yet somehow it is already one of the most precious of my life. Experiencing God's faithfulness after losing Ruby, I am waiting in almost eager anticipation of what God will do now through yet another trial.

Lest it appear that I "have it together" in any way, shape or form, I'll confess that my baby is screaming in his bed and I am ignoring him to blog. Jack may or may not be eating ham straight out of the refrigerator. I just had to share the conversation (initiated through the homework from the Bible study) I had with God a few minutes ago...please read the link. I am amazed and thankful that He speaks so clearly, even through this here internet.

Alter me from the inside out. Manifest the character of Jesus genuinely in my everyday life.

I AM. Here's what I ask of you:
1. Be honest.
2. Dig deep.
3. Get serious.
4. Try harder.
5. Fall apart so I can piece you back together.


Jeanne said...

I love you, my precious daughter! Thank you for sharing this conversation between you and God.

I have always admired and respected you, but never more than during the last 2 years, as I have seen you rise up from your lowest point to become even closer to God. Your faith amazes and inspires me.

I have never prayed that you would not be tested but that you would pass the test. I have never prayed that bad things wouldn't happen to you, but that you would see the blessings in everything. I have never prayed that you would have complete happiness, but that through your faith, your life here on earth would be complete.

You are my hero, dear daughter. I don't take much credit for your deep faith in God...that is ALL HIM!

No, you don't "have it all together", but you are a wonderful example for other young wives and mothers...and for your own mother, too.

I love you...


Michael and Hannah said...

You are amazing. You have no idea how much I want to be more like you. That's what I feel God is asking of me:
Be more like Melanie.
I have put this person in your life for a reason.
Learn from her.

Steven said...

Melanie, I cannot say much right now, but I love you more than you know. Thank you for your love for the Lord and the great example you are to me. Yes, I am crying.