Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baxter Dinner at Brentwood Hills

My daddy (President of Association Amicus--Baxter Institute and JMA Clinic) spoke to a group of supporters about the great work going on at Baxter and the Clinic. I'm so proud of the work he and mom are doing there, and so thankful to be a part of a church that is so connected with that work and so supportive of it. I love it when things I love come together!

Rare pacifier picture of Luke. He's not been a fan for a while now, but it did the trick this night (I'm sure his Dani holding him had NOTHING to do with it!). Notice how he took the pacifier out himself...he loves that hand in his mouth!

Dani enjoyed some cuddle time with big little Luke I'm so thankful that Mom has been able to spend so much time here with us this summer. She really deserves her own post...hope to get to that one of these days, but it will take a LOT of emotional energy to say all that I really want and need to say about her! I'm so glad she's gotten to really bond with Luke. I know she's looking forward to bonding with another grandbaby in the spring, too!!
Madeline is such a good entertainer for her little brother. I was concerned she was at an age (almost 9 years age difference) where she is over babies. But she is great with him! She has been (and continues to be) a wonderful big sister to all of her little minions, I mean brothers! She can be a little *ahem* bossy (no clue where she got that, right?!), but she helps keep things moving at the Smalling house! "Little Mama", I call her. (Also Tattlin' Madeline, Mad Maddy, Maa-Maa, Princesita, Mads, Coconut, Melanita, Little Girl, Jean-Jean, Little Woman...)


Laura Beth said...

Your family is so precious! I have loved getting to teach Noah on Wednesday nights the past few weeks. He makes me smile! It's like a mini Jared full of energy!It should be a fun year! I'm sorry you have had such a rough September - and maybe always will. May God give you peace and let October come soon! :)

Jeanne said...

I absolutely loved being around for the first few months of little big Luke's life! We really did bond...

Yor Daddy and I have had an awesome 4 years at Baxter and I wouldn't trade it for anything...I truly feel it's where God wanted us to be. However, I do also look forward to being closer to my children and grandchildren one day in the future. I am trying to leave that up to God.

That sweet Madeline! She IS a great big sister to her baby brother. I love all the names you have for her!