Friday, September 26, 2008

My China Doll

Actually, this is Luke, NOT my China doll :) But he was too cute not to include. There's my China doll below, in the pink, making Moon Cakes with her Chinese class teacher, lau shi Wang (blue ponytail), to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. We have several Chinese members at church who have come through the Let's Start Talking program that is offered. We also have several families who have adopted from China in the last few years. Two of the Chinese families decided to offer a beginning Chinese class for children on Sunday afternoons and Madeline jumped at the chance. She's always been very interested in China and seems to have inherited her mama's love of languages, so this has been a great fit for her. They now are using a book and are really buckling down and learning a lot. Even drawing characters and such. I am so impressed by the teachers and also the students who are working hard to learn a language that is COMPLETELY different than anything they've ever known. It's a beautiful culture and fascinating language...but this is about Madeline! So the class gathered at the home of one of the teachers to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together. You can read about this and the Moon Cakes they're making by following the links above. They were surprisingly (they're made from bean paste, but are sweet) delicious!

Here's Madeline with her twin, Jenna. When you're in elementary school, wearing the same shirt (yay Target) is a good thing! Here they are working hard. I had to make Maddy give other people a turn. She loved this. They use a special kind of wooden mold to press the cakes and then bang it to get it out. She really enjoyed that part :)

Angie, Luke and Jenna


Michael and Hannah said...

You get the blogging medal this month! Love all the posts! It took me several sitting to get caught up (but I'm on vacation and getting jiggy with Facebook, so I'm behind!).

That dummy with the innards kinda grosses me out! But your cute kids more than make up for it! I wanna SQUOOSH Luke! Hopefully I will get the chance next month! Toooooo many exclamation marks this post!!!!!!

Jeanne said...

How fun! I'm so glad Maddy is interested in another culture/language, etc.

Dana D said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the sweet comments on our bathroom re-do. The shower curtain hooks were from Target's Shabby-Chic collection. I got them for a steal! said...

That looks like so much fun!!!