Monday, October 22, 2007

Only Dani will care!

I'm not sure anyone but my mom cares about the random cute (to me) things Jack if she's the only one who reads these, that's okay! As I've mentioned before, I hope to do a blog book someday of these, so I'm including everything I can think of!

This morning in the car, I went to Starbucks after dropping the kids off at school (I just refilled the envelopes this week, so you know that "blow money" is burnin' a hole in my pocket!) and Jack wanted a "grape slush", which is an indication that perhaps we've taken advantage of the 2-4pm 1/2 price drinks at Sonic a FEW times too many lately! Anyway, I never knew this but you can get a kid-sized drink (we got milk) at Starbucks. It's a little smaller than a tall, but it has the coffee lid and everything. Jack was THRILLED! He loves to drink out of mugs at home and calls whatever it is his coffee and pretends it's really hot, which means he mostly blows on it and thus ends up with more spit than drink, but hey, it's his cup. He kept saying, "Mommy, I WIKE this coffee! It's dus a wittle bit hot, I hab to be berry carepul!"

As we were driving home from Starbucks, he said, "Can we go to da shoe?" It took me a minute to realize he meant "zoo". (And for those who read my previous post, I tried writing the monologue in it's original Jack-ese, but it was too hard to read so I just "translated" for your reading enjoyment. He actually said all of those words, but it was with almost-3-year-old pronunciation!) I told him it was too rainy to go to the zoo today, and his reply was, "How 'bout da cemetery?" Only in our family is that normal! He really just wants to go for the big hill. I guess it's okay that I find it funny (and not bizarre or sad) for a cemetery outing to be a close 2nd to the zoo!
Jack just brought me his mini-tall Starbucks cup and asked for juice in it. Guess I'd better go ahead and put that travel coffee mug on his Christmas list!


My Grandkid's Dani said...

That's so funny that jack would think a visit to the cemetery was almost as fun as a trip to the zoo! And I can just see the little precious boy blowing on his milk! He is a hoot!

Michael and Hannah said...

I love it! Your kids are cute to everyone... not just grandma!

Lydia's Mom said...

Thank YOU! Thank you for always making me laugh! I tell you those kids of yours are hillarious and I am so glad that you are blogging all of this down! The next time you come to visit the Smallings in BG, please call me! I want to get together soon!!!!!

Dana said...

I love it! They say the cutest things! Your blog make me laugh everytime I read it! We have a membership to the zoo in Nashville. Maybe we can meet you there sometime!