Monday, October 8, 2007

Just fun stuff today...

No new pictures because of course I have not gotten the simple AA batteries required for my camera. How hard can that be to remember? Apparently very difficult. Almost as difficult as remembering to go by the Honda place and get a van key made for my husband to replace his that I lost (when I borrowed his because I couldn't find my own). When I actually write that out, it sounds pretty lame of me...he's been very patient to wait this long! In my defense, having only previously driven cars made before the turn of the century, upon losing his key, I did go immediately to Wal-mart to get duplicate keys made. And then they didn't work. Finally, someone smarter than me (or with a newer car) mentioned that you have to now get duplicate keys from the dealership (or a locksmith who specializes in this sort of thing and costs just as much) that has a fancy-schmancy computer chip or something in it to tell your car it's okay to turn on!! I think it's 50 bucks or so, which is fine, except that my expectation was 3 or 4 bucks at Wal-mart! '93 Civic, I miss your simplicity...but not your wrecked front end, or frequent push-starting, or leaking windshield, or...Sorry, that was a lot of rambling about a key...and batteries...

I was reading my new favorite blog by Beth Moore. Beware, if you are looking for super-duper Biblical-insightfulness, you may or may not find it there, depending on the day. It usually relates somehow, but sometimes it's just downright silliness (which I GREATLY appreciate!!). Anyway, the comments are hilarious too. There's a post from a few months back asking commenters to list the things their moms or grandmas always say. Some are serious, some are funny. But one stuck out to me because it's something my dad says, that my nana used to say, that his (great) Aunt Meanie (Amelia) used to say, and I had NEVER heard it from anyone else. She would say:

To bed, to bed said Sleepyhead,
Put out the pot said Slow,
Wait awhile said Greedygut,
We’ll eat before we go.

I can hear it in my nana's North Carolina accent :-) What are some of your family's sayings?

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