Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beech Bend & Land Between the Lakes

This past weekend, Jared, the kids and I spent a day at Beech Bend. Since Jared and I hadn't been since we were kids, it was fun to see how it had changed (and how it hadn't!). The next day we joined Jared's parents at Land Between the Lakes to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. We learned many things...
*Madeline DEFINITELY needs sunscreen at the water park (we already knew that but it was definitely confirmed!). The boys thought it was cool that she had a pirate "X marks the spot" on her back--Arr! She's currently on day 7 of the Great Burn of '08 and shedding skin like a snake. Her teacher sent a note home yesterday asking us to send aloe for her because she was "distracted and unable to finish her classwork". Yep, mom of the year is OUT for me! Little does Mrs. Cassidy know that "distracted and unable to finish her classwork" probably has less to do with the sunburn and more to do with my precious Chatty Matty :-)

*Jack (third child that he is) can nap ANYWHERE, including the lounge next to the Beech Bend pool! Jared did some complicated towel-tenting (supported by a hot, but patient Daddy) to make this happen, but he slept like a 2 1/2 year old! Notice the floaties and swim clothes are still on...what a champ!

*We have exactly 10 years, 7 months, and 1 day to teach this boy to drive! The bumper cars were proof that he is NOT ready. It was funny to watch as he spun and spun. He just couldn't grasp the concept that if you turn the wheel ALL the way one direction, you will continue turning in that direction. "Forward" was not one of his strong-suits. But he's the cutest bumper car driver I've seen in a long time! Good thing he's cute! :-)

*The kids CAN agree!! They all agreed the Log Ride was the BEST ride ever!

*Madeline & Noah inherited the chillin' gene from the White side of the family.
We do love to relax!

*Jack can spot a bathtub a mile away. He LOVES the tub!! Almost as much as he loves getting dirty enough to NEED to get in the tub...

*Memaw makes everything better! Poor Maddy, her mean ol' Mommy made her mad (who thought naming her "Mad"eline was a good idea?! Oh yeah, that was me), but Memaw makes it all okay.

*Even in 1850, Noah's pants would have been too big! We went to the 1850 Homeplace farm and the kids really enjoyed the dressup part. Although the Superman shirt isn't very authentic :-)

*Best thing I learned: Madeline can WORK!! Even in 100 degree heat! She got to "help" turn a chair leg on the lathe. But look at that concentration! Now, if we can just get her THAT interested in 2nd grade classwork!

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