Monday, July 27, 2009

Praying for Stellan

Updated: Stellan is stable now, doing much better for now, pumped full of drugs to keep his heart beating well. *Probably* moving to Boston soon to *probably* have another surgery that will almost certainly damage his heart and cause him to need a pacemaker for life. Please continue to pray!
Prayers for Stellan

Please pray this morning for Stellan. He is not doing well at all. Mckmama's last "tweets" have said: "I almost can't bring myself to write with more bad news. Stellan is hanging in there, but is deteriorating. It's not good. Dr B is here on the floor, but off conferencing with other cardiologists. He will come back to the bedside shortly & we'll conference. Can I reiterate that these last many hours have not been good!? Stellan is no longer urinating, his Potassium is up, he is still in SVT, very swollen & at midnight he began incessant vomiting."


Michael and Hannah said...

This breaks my heart... I'll be praying!

Amber said...

Your comment to MckMama was so awesome! I agree with you completely. I rarely send her any questions because I don't want to burden her.

Very, very telling of your personality in that comment.

Much love and many smiles,

Rebecca said...

Thanks for your comment to my comment on MckMama's blog. :) Made me smile... (it's been an interesting week for me vis-a-vis commenting).