Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Randomness

1. Jack is asleep on the couch at 4pm, after also falling asleep at preschool at 1pm, and on the way home from preschool at 2pm. Just a wild guess, but I'm thinking he's coming down with something. Boo.

2. Dear Walmarts: Please inform your cashiers that the purpose of the reuseable shopping bags is to REDUCE, not increase, the use of plastic bags. I can understand how you would think this would be obvious, but clearly it is not. Bagging in plastic bag and THEN the reuseable bag defeats the purpose. And if I have more groceries than will fit in the reuseable bags I provide, DOUBLE plastic bagging is NOT required! Sincerely, Mrs. Obvious

3. These make me giddy. And I may just design my hypothetical dream kitchen around these. And my hypothetical dream living room around this, because black and white toile? With color embroidery accents? And peacocks? Sigh. But would it clash with this? Because I love it, too. And it's really quite practical because you couldn't find a stain on that if you tried, and hello, it's on SALE. If our trees ever start growing so much money that I can end world hunger, provide for all of the world's children, AND have some left over, I would love to spend a good number of dollars at that store. And by good, I mean at least 25,000.

4. Jack recently asked Dani if she would play "Hide and Go Think" with him.

5. Coconut Creme Coffeemate + Fernando's Coffee = Super Yum

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Jeanne said...

I loved your random thoughts! And, why didn't you tell me how much you loved the sofa on Anthropologie (sp?)website? I would have gotten it for your birthday had I known! :)