Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jack!!

Oh Wacky Jack, it is hard to capture in a blog post, or really at all, how full of life you are and There are so many lately, I've got to start keeping track again! His vocabulary has hit another big surge...

  1. "tuwarious"--hilarious

  2. "buhwicious"--delicious

  3. "bisgusting"--disgusting (he says it correctly now and it's still funny!)

  4. "oh, he's so adorable"--he says this for Luke almost every time he sees him and also for any other baby he sees

  5. "Look, Mommy, I found a woley-poley. He's in a ball...I think he's scared of me!"

  6. "butt"--belly button (This causes lots of confusion when he talks about showing people his butt...most recently he had Memaw worried that he was showing his butt until I asked him to show her his butt and he raised up his shirt and pointed to his belly button! Trust me, I am blue in the face from explaining to him that it is a belly button or navel. He is a stubborn boy!)

  7. "kitcha wite"--kitchen light, he HAS to have this on to sleep. It is just about the only "currency" I have with him lately...he'll do anything to keep from losing his kitchen light at nap/bedtime!

  8. Monsty--his (originally Noah's) doodle-monster, He sleeps with this and chose it to take for teddy bear day at preschool. He's attached to it, but usually doesn't take it with us when we go out of town and doesn't have any problem sleeping without it. He still relies heavily on the "suckin' thumb" for sleeping, though.

  9. thumbs up--this is his new favorite thing to do...anytime I check on him or ask how he's doing, he gives me the thumbs up. Especially when he thinks he's made a good choice. He responds really well to making a choice between doing the right thing or the wrong thing. If I just tell him not to do something, he's likely to do it anyway, but if I ask him if something is right or wrong, he knows and chooses (usually) right.

  10. He was playing with Luke's purple monkey chewtoy. He asked, "Is he full of nerds?" I think because he's purple and rattles? Then he told the monkey not to "push the button" which apparently he did because then he threw him off the side of the chair, looked at me and said, "Monkey is punished". Well, there you have it.

  11. He found my insurance card and said, "Oooh, credit card!" and started swiping it through his hand like a credit card. We do not HAVE credit cards!!! We have debit cards, but pay for almost everything with CASH! I don't know where he gets this stuff!

  12. We limit Hannah Montana stuff even for Madeline, but somehow Jack knows her songs! He is frequently heard singing, "I said, I said, I can't be Superman" (not exactly the right lyrics) and "You get da best a bo' worlds"...of course, this is often mixed in with humming the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars (dum dum dum, dum da-dum, dum da-dum) and "Teenager the Minja Turtles, dut, dut, dut, dut" (another argument I can't win...IT'S TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES...he will have NONE of that, thanks--and the dut's are counting time, Noah does this too...apparently my boys got rhythm).

  13. Jack can make the most realistic sounding "throwing a Batarang" and "shooting a Spiderweb" sounds I have ever heard. Sounds exactly like the cartoons. I have video evidence on this.

  14. Jack was in Ms. Gloria's Pre-K class like Noah was. Jack remembers Noah being in there so he thinks it is really cool that he is now, too. His favorite things are the spiders (pretend) and the fish tank. He thinks it's pretty cool that he gets to play computer, too, but was disappointed that he can't go to "kidswb-dot-com", since it only has games and not internet access (thank goodness!).

  15. We were waiting on mom to get here to go to the adventure science center. Jack was looking out the window watching for her and said, "Dani's not here yet...I hope she's not in jail!" Yes, that would be the obvious explanation...

  16. A box of diapers "fell" on Jack (he dumped them on himself) and he wallowed in them yelling, "diaper attack!"

  17. This is annoying, but a Jack-ism nonetheless. He has started pointing and laughing at people randomly wherever we go. He'll say, "You're funny!" and he really means it as a compliment. He loves to be laughed at and can't understand (even though I've been over and over and over and over it) why others don't feel the same!

  18. He also tells adults who are shorter than me (which is most, since I'm about 6') that they are "wittle". Usually, he's being so silly that they can't make out what he's saying so I just sort of mumble something else and move on. Again, he doesn't mean it in an ugly way, just in a factual way. Still, I'm tired of having the same conversation with him over and over and over...

  19. "Ee-mazing"--amazing, he says this for many things, with great emphasis on the first (incorrect) syllable, funny!

  20. He's all about cicadas.

  21. "high five, bro!" He may have gotten this from watching Ninja Turtles.

  22. rescape (escape) as in "You'll never-escape!" He tells me this when I tuck him in and he gives me a hug. For a long time he would say, "I neva let you go" and suddenly it changed to "You'll never rescape!" I love it. Also, the only way I can usually get a kiss from him when tucking him in is to kiss his forehead and tell him I took all his kisses and he'll have to kiss me to get them back. Sometimes he does it to me, although all it takes is one look at those poochy little lips to get a kiss out of me!

  23. almost always puts his shoes on the wrong feet (I remember the other kids doing this), and almost always has either pants or shirt backwards. I suspect he does it on purpose sometimes. Maybe even all the time. He has control issues. As in, he wants to be in control of everything all the time. I have no idea where he might get that from.

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