Thursday, August 21, 2008

prayers appreciated

I've hesitated to ask for prayers for some reason, but I'm asking now. My precious father-in-law, Gerald, is in the hospital for (I think) the 3rd time in about as many weeks. Some of you know, he had lung cancer last year (a small tumor removed surgically and 4 rounds of chemo), but seemed to be doing pretty well. He started having pain a couple of months ago and no real explanation could be found. It did not appear at that time that the cancer had returned. As new symptoms starting piling on, more tests were done which led one of his doctors to think it was cancer, but his oncologist did not believe it was. So he came to Nashville for a 2nd (3rd?) opinion a couple of weeks ago. Plans were made for a PET scan to be done today in Nashville to determine whether the cancer is back and if so, to what extent. At one of his trips to the hospital in BG, a scan showed the possibility that it is also in his liver. In any case, he had to go to the emergency room in BG yesterday (Wednesday) and they believe he has pneumonia, and he is having a very difficult time breathing, even on oxygen. He was transferred last night to Nashville (Thanks, Dana!!!!!), we thought so that he could have the scheduled scan and appointment with his oncologist here today, but now it looks as though they may not be able to do the scan.

In any case, he needs your prayers. For healing, for peace, for understanding, for strength, for the doctors and medical personnel who tend to him, for Shirley and Jared as they care for him and make decisions, for the kids as they process that Grandaddy is not the same as he's always been to them. For whatever God lays on your heart. We KNOW He is in control, and, as Jared said just a couple of days ago, these are the times when we either believe it or we don't. It feels like it's been a tough couple of years in our family, though obviously there are many, many others who have had it worse, and we have had some major blessings in those times as well. One of those blessings has been feeling so intensely the support of the prayers of others. God has been good. He has given us more than we deserve. We are forever grateful to Him for His great mercy. Our greatest prayer is that His will be done. We hope we are a part of that, and hope you are, too.

**Several people have asked, but right now I don't know of anything the family needs besides prayers, although cards would be nice, too. If you don't have their address, email me and I will get it to you. I'm not sure about visitors yet, or food, or anything like that. I will try to post again if I find out more.**


Jeanne said...

I'm praying for sweet Gerald, for Jared and all the family.

kma said...

We will be praying for your family! Kelly & Ward

David and Maggie said...

Is he at vanderbilt? He is in our prayers.