Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday night

Blogger just ate my update. Here's the shorter version...
No PET scan today (hospital error, collect $200?--Monopoly)
CT scan and brain scan--results Monday, I think
Lung biopsy yesterday--results Monday
Will meet with oncologist Monday to discuss results and treatment options--Please pray that there will BE treatment options.
Jared is at hospital tonight, Shirley is home in BG to rest tonight and gear up for another several days at the hospital.
Praise that oxygen levels seem to be somewhat improved, although this is the result of being on higher dose of oxygen. Pray antibiotics/steroids begin to take effect to clear up pneumonia and that this will bring some improvement in his breathing and clear up some of his confusion.
Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. Please keep them coming.


Jeanne said...

You are ALL in my prayers constantly! That is all I can do right now but you probably know it is tearing me up not to be able to actually be there with you all.

Please tell Gerald that I love him and am praying for his full recovery. Praise God that the oxygen levels are improved and I will be praying for good test results come Monday...

Shirley, if you're reading this...I love you, too, so much and am praying for your strength and peace of mind during such a difficult time. God bless you! You two are dear friends, but more like family...

Michael and Hannah said...

Will be praying!!!