Thursday, August 29, 2013

About me

Life is messy. And not just my house...although it usually is. Everything I do feels messy right now. My marriage is a mess of sweet and sarcastic. My mothering is a mess of holy and hollering. My home is a mess of welcoming and war-torn. My serving the church is a mess of worship and why-on-earth-did-I-agree-to-this-?!. My friendships are a mess of sacred and scattered. My efforts to live out Matthew 28:19 are a mess of self-sacrifice and self-absorption. Maybe you can relate?

Most often, I accuse myself of being ONLY sarcastic, hollering, war-torn, why-on-earth, scattered and self-absorbed. I see those as terrible parts of me that will never change. Instead, I'm learning that those are the very places God meets me, reminding me that ONLY in His power, by His grace, is He making me into sweet, holy, welcoming, worshipful, sacred and self-sacrificing Melanie. My prayer is to love the unlovely all around me and also within me. Loving God in a way that radiates out. Trusting Him to teach me to love the least...those the world views as unlovely, but who He wants to recreate in His image, just as He is doing with my own mess.

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