Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Prayers for our children...

There is a great post here about praying for our children. I'm taking the challenge!!

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Jeanne said...

Great challenge, Melanie!

Of course, I'm very forgetful, but here's my plan -- I'm going to try to pray for either a child+spouse or grandchild during my 7 times daily:

(1) 1st cup of coffee***Melanie + Jared***Mel loves Honduran coffee

(2) 1st student I see***David+Maggie+Baby White***David is a "people person"

(3) 11:11 a.m. ***Philip+Sarah*** it's been "our" special time since Philip was 3 years old

(4) Lunchtime***Luke***he loves to eat!

(5) Cooking dinner***Jack***he always likes to help me

(6) Washing dishes***Noah***he is warmth to my heart, like the water on my hands

(7) Reading in the evening ***Maddy***she, too, loves to read